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Level 2- Advanced Diploma in ministry

The purpose of the Level Two Advanced Diploma in Ministry curriculum is to build upon the foundation received during the Level One Diploma Training.The Level Two curriculum aims to train and equip students for ministry and leadership.

There will be opportunities for hands-on experience, workshops, as well as planned discussion times.

The end result will be that students gain a working knowledge of the information received during their time at CBC

Only after the successful completion of Level One, including the payment of all fees, and receipt of their certificate of completion, will students be eligible to apply for Level Two Advanced Diploma in Ministry.

Then again, only after the successful completion of Level Two, including the payment of all fees, and receipt of an Advanced Diploma, will students be considered graduates, and thereby Alumni of Coventry Bible College.

Level 2-Required Reading Books

The required reading books are provided for each student and the cost of these is included in the course fees.

For each subject there are set requirements, typically the reading of a specific book that relates to the subject being studied. Each relevant book must be read within the timeframe of the 12 lectures for each subject. There are marks given for reading which count towards the final exam on the completion of each subject.

We also have a comprehensive book shop onsite selling recommended optional reading books.

Level 2: Advanced Diploma in Ministry – Subjects

  • Aspects of Faith
  • Biblical Keys to Divine Healing
  • Book of Revelation
  • Character of God
  • Church Pioneering & Administration
  • Effective Ministry
  • Epistle of Galatians
  • Excellence in Ministry
  • Gospel of John
  • Homiletics
  • In Search of Timothy
  • Introduction to Children’s & Youth Ministry
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • Kingdom Character
  • Life of Honour II
  • Marriage, Family & Ministry
  • Ministerial Ethics
  • Ministry of Angels & Demonology
  • Pastoral Care
  • People Skills
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • Pulpit Speech
  • Renewing the Mind
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Understanding World Missions
  • Wisdom Precepts

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