Coventry Bible College

When are the Lectures?

Every 3 weeks on a Friday evening and all day on a Saturday.

What Are The Times?

Friday is from 18:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 16:45

What Are The Classroom Procedures?

Students are expected to take detailed notes on all lectures and keep them in an organised manner, because these notes will be a valuable resource in the future. Not only will they serve to be a reference for examination review, but they will also be an excellent resource should you enter the field of ministry. Instructors have complete authority in the classroom, and this means they should have your full attention. Classes are recorded for the student’s benefit, so please hold your questions or comments until a designated question and answer time OR during the break. Students are not allowed to eat or drink while class is in session unless it is bottled water. Students are not permitted to leave the classroom once the session has begun. Students should show proper respect and courtesy to their instructors, as well as, their fellow students, by not talking, sleeping, doing homework/ reading assignments during class. Students should be careful not to conduct themselves in a manner which would be disrupting or distracting to the instructor or to the other students. Mobile phones, pagers etc., must be turned off during all classes. Please refrain from distractions of any kind. Be sensitive to the needs of the other students.

Do You Have A Worship Time?

Every Bible College Saturday at 13:30 after lunch we have a worship time for all students. This is organised by the students and also gives some students the opportunity to be a part of a worship group.

What Happens At Lunch Time?

CBC does not engage in catering for students. Each student is responsible to provide their own food. However, tea and coffee facilities are available and also use of a microwave.

Do You Provide Drinks?

Yes we do provide tea and coffee. Each student will have the responsibility of being a member of the Hospitality Team as directed by the CBC Administrator, to ensure that refreshments are provided for all Instructors/Guests and students, and that the cafeteria facility is kept clean at all times. All utensils, crockery & cutlery must be washed and put away after use, surface areas cleaned and tidied at the end of classes.

Do I Have To Attend All The Lectures?

Attendance is required at all classes. Your ability to maintain a good record of attendance is a vital part of your training and is evidence of your ability to be self-disciplined and faithful to what God has called you to do at this time in your life. It is a proving of your commitment to obey God’s direction, even when there are challenges or obstacles.

What Happens If I Miss Sessions?

If you miss a class session for any reason, you will be required to purchase the MP3 recordings of missed lectures, take notes and show them to the Administrator. Attendance will be monitored to record any absences. Students are not allowed to miss more than three sessions of any one course for any reason. Students who do miss more than three sessions of any one subject will receive a failing grade for that course and be required to re-sit that course. All missed class sessions are treated as absences until the student has purchased and listened to the MP3 of the missed class and has taken appropriate notes. These notes must then be shown to the instructor for review and approval within a week of the missed class unless the student is given alternative direction by the instructor.


Classes start promptly at the scheduled time. If you are not in your seat within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time you will be considered tardy. A tardy slip will be issued by the Class Monitor and the student will have to purchase the MP3 recording of that class, and take notes on the class time missed. Students need only hand in the notes for the class time they missed.

Dress Code?

CBC has the following minimum dress code: Dress should be modest and smart. Men may wear dress trousers, khakis, jeans (without holes), collared shirts, jumpers, etc. Ladies may wear dress trousers, jeans (without holes), skirts, dresses, smart tops, jumpers, etc. The following items of clothing are not acceptable: Trainers, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, track suits, hoodies, and any clothing that is too revealing.

Student ID Badges?

Each student is given an ID Badge. This must be worn in a visible location at all times when on campus. Anyone finding a lost or misplaced badge should hand it into a member of the CBC Staff. Please do not tape, pin, staple or attach anything to your ID Badge.

Your Local Church?

One goal of CBC is to strengthen the local church, and of course, the local church plays an important role in the HMR portion of your training. Therefore, students are not allowed to change churches during their time of training at CBC. As CBC is hosted in a church facility, it is especially important that students do not leave their current home church to make the host church, or any other church, their home church while they are attending CBC or during the 6 months after they finish their training at CBC.


The CBC course schedule is part time and therefore, you should be able to plan your holidays and other appointments, without having to miss any classes.


CBC takes the matter of student withdrawal seriously. We are here to help you in the challenges you may face. There is nothing that cannot be overcome by the Word of God, the power of prayer and loving support.

Next Steps…

Telephone: 024 7767 8523