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Level 1- Diploma in Biblical Studies

The purpose of the Level One Diploma curriculum is to build a solid foundation of the Word of God into your life.Level 1 consists of 24 subjects over a two year period. Students study subjects such as Christ the Healer, Faith, Hermeneutics and many more. There are 12 lectures in each subject and 3 subjects are covered at any one time.

A reading book accompanies most of the subjects which must be completed throughout the duration of the subject being studied. Each student must complete 100 hours of helps ministry in their local church over the two year period. These must be documented on specific forms and signed by the relevant department leader. This must be completed before students can graduate.

It is important that each student receives a good understanding of “what he believes” and “why he believes it.”Focus is very much centred on and around our core values, our DNA if you like, of faith, the believer’s authority and being led by the Holy Spirit.

What you learn during this time should impact and alter your lifestyle in a biblical way and thereby increase your fruitfulness in The Kingdom.

The purpose of the Level One Training is to ground every student in the fundamentals of our faith, thereby bringing everyone onto the “same page”.

After completing the Level One Diploma in Biblical Studies , the student is then eligible to attend any future Level One Diploma class they have already successfully passed at no charge.

If new subjects are offered in the future as part of Level One, the student may attend at no charge but will be required to purchase any textbooks required for the class.

We ask that Level One Diploma holders please contact the CBC Admin Office for pre-approval to attend any further courses.

We serve a God of excellence and therefore we, at CBC, endeavour to do everything to a standard of excellence. Students are expected to do the same and will be required to adhere to all policies that are written in the Student Manual, including attendance at all lectures, punctuality, detailed note-taking and the dress code

Level 1-Entry Requirements

One Page Testimony

Your personal testimony should be typed, or neatly written out, on the page provided and consist of approximately 300-400 words. It is important to include your salvation experience, your current commitment to God including describing your service in your current church, and why you desire to attend Coventry Bible College.


One from your Church Minister and a Personal Referral from someone who has known you for two years.

Required Reading Books

The required reading books are provided for each student and the cost of these is included in the course fees.

For each subject there are set requirements, typically the reading of a specific book that relates to the subject being studied. Each relevant book must be read within the timeframe of the 12 lectures for each subject. There are marks given for reading which count towards the final exam on the completion of each subject.

We also have a comprehensive book shop onsite selling recommended optional reading books.

Level 1 – Diploma in Biblical Studies – Subjects

  • Bible Doctrines
  • Biblical Economics
  • Bibliology & Bible History
  • Blood Covenant
  • Charismatic & Church History
  • Christ the Healer
  • Ecclesiology
  • Authentic Praise
  • Eschatology
  • Evangelism
  • Faith Principles
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Hermeneutics
  • Marriage, Family and Ministry
  • Love of God
  • New Testament Literature
  • Old Testament Literature
  • Pneumatology
  • Prayer
  • Principles of Spiritual Growth
  • Redemptive Realities
  • Righteousness
  • The Authority of the Believer
  • The Name of Jesus
  • Understanding Grace and Favour

Application Procedure

This section explains the steps you must take in applying to study at CBC. Please read the Application Procedure before applying (found on the Application Package). Here  is a quick summary for your information.

Application form

All questions on the application forms must be answered. If a question does not apply to you write ‘DNA’ (Does Not Apply) in the blank.  Please write clearly, or type your responses.  Applications MUST be signed and dated. Download application form and related documents here…

Below you can download the Application Forms for Level 1 either in Microsoft Word or pdf formats….

National Insurance Number

Coventry Bible College is required to obtain your National Insurance Number and a copy of your passport from all prospective students.

£20 Non-refundable Application Fee

The application process begins once your non-refundable Application Fee has cleared in our account.  You may pay by cheque or by cash in person. Please make cheques payable to Hebron Christian Faith Church, CBC A/C. DO NOT POST CURRENCY NOTES OF ANY KIND.

2 Current Passport Photographs

Two recent (in the last 3 months) passport photos must be attached to your application.  Your application will not be processed without these photos.

What to expect upon acceptance:

  1. You will receive a letter notifying you of your acceptance.
  2. You are then required to attend the registration day. Details of Registration Day will be included with your acceptance letter.

What to expect on Registration Day:

You will receive a student manual and have any questions answered. You must pay your registration fee and arrange for the Standing Order for the required monthly amount to be paid. You will meet some of your instructors and hear from the Director of Coventry Bible College.


The fees for both Level One and Level Two (each of which takes two years to complete) are:

  • £1,600 (single)
  • £2,500 (couple)

Application Fee: An application fee of £20.00 is due upon submission of application forms and is non-refundable.

Registration Fee: A deposit of £200.00, which is then deducted from the total fees, is payable on the Orientation Weekend and is non-refundable.

Payment Plans: The remaining balance of fees is to be paid by Standing Order on a monthly basis over a period of 20 months at the beginning of the month following registration at CBC.

Example: £1,600 minus Reg Fee of £200 = £1,400, 20 monthly payments of £70.00

A husband and wife attending together will be issued with one set of books. If they require two sets, a further £150 will be added to fees.

Reading assignments must still be completed within the timeframe required for each subject.

Please note that all the books are included in the fees.

The Campus

Coventry Bible College is located in Coventry, West Midlands. Coventry has good train links to London, Birmingham and Manchester. We are situated about 10 minutes from Coventry Train Station with regular buses running directly to the campus.

We currently have over 50 students from various different churches across the West Midlands in attendance. We are an independent and Inter-Denominational college with a focus on teaching faith.

CBC uses the facilities of Hebron Christian Faith Church, with great classrooms, a cafeteria, bookstore, and even a creche room.

Coventry Bible College
℅ Hebron Christian Faith Church

The Forum
Longfellow Road
West Midlands

Email: sally@coventrybiblecollege.org or info@coventrybiblecollege.org
Website: https://coventrybiblecollege.org
Telephone: 024 7767 8523

Open Days and New student Intake

Throughout the academic year, we hold Open Days for prospective students to come and get a feel for CBC. Open days normally take place in February and June of each year although dates are subject to change. Open days give you the opportunity to join with the existing students and sit in some of the lectures and meet some of the college staff. Anyone is welcome to attend without any obligation.

Orientation will be on Saturday 5th September at 10.00am-12.45pm

Helps Ministry

Each student is required to fulfil a minimum of 100 hours Helps Ministry Requirement (HMR) in his/her home church under the oversight of their church leaders. Hours served must be recorded on an HMR form and signed off by a church leader.

By getting involved in different areas of their respective local churches, students will learn the character and discipline required in serving.  They will experience some of the practical sides of ministry that cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting, and have the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge of the Word they have gained at Bible College as well as being a blessing to their local church.

100 hours must be completed by the end of each of the two year courses in order to graduate.